Soccer scoreboard

As the only producer of soccer scoreboards for the outdoor area, ReGeLa GmbH offers an operation with solar energy as world first. This way there is no need for external power supply that usually causes high costs for a ground wire. Our scoreboards can be mounted and used immediately.

The solar modules are completely integrated in the scoreboards. The scoreboards naturally also work without solar irradiation, since a built-in rechargeable battery can bridge a gap of up to 8 weeks without solar irradiation. Our display technology offers an exceptionally good readability. Even under direct solar irradiation the readability is significantly better than in case of conventional LED-technology. Convince yourself!

As a further feature we offer maximum flexibility in your acquisition: Whether you buy, hire-purchase, lease or rent – you will receive the suitable individual solution for your needs from us!

The scoreboards are designed for the use in the outdoor area and meet all legal requirements for the operation in public space as well as DIN 18032, part 3.

The warranty for all scoreboards is 2 years.

The scoreboards can be mounted in a very flexible way because they do not need any power supply with cables. Thus the boards can be easily installed at the ball protection net, floodlight mast, club house or on a separate mast. The scoreboards are controlled by a radio remote control with a scope of up to 500 m.

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