Digital clocks

We offer digital clocks for the industry, trade, sports and the public space with a digit height of 45 to 135 cm.

As the only producer of big digital clocks ReGeLa GmbH offers solar energy operation in all displays as a standard feature. Optionally it can be operated with a 230 V grid. Our scoreboards can be mounted and used immediately.

The solar modules are completely integrated in the digital clocks. The digital clocks naturally also work without solar irradiation, since a built-in rechargeable battery can bridge a gap of up to 8 weeks without solar irradiation. Our display technology offers an extraordinary good readability. Even under direct solar irradiation the readability is significantly better than in case of conventional LED-technology. Convince yourself!

The scoreboards are designed for the use in the outdoor area and comply with all legal requirements of the operation in public space.

The warranty is 2 years for all digital clocks.

The compact digital clock DU 100/4 with 45 cm high digits offers a reading distance of up to 200 m. It can be fixed at a mast, ball protection fence, wall or with ceiling suspension.
Measures: 185 x 70 x 7 cm (w x h x d)

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If readability from a great distance is important, the digital clock DU 400/4 is the right one for you: The digit height of 90 cm guarantees a visibility of 400 m.
Measures: 360 x 125 x 7 cm (w x h x d)

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The digital clock DU 900/4 is the biggest digital clock with solar operation. The digits with a presentable height of 135 cm guarantee readability from a distance of up to 600 m.
Measures: 540 x 190 x 10 cm (w x h x d)

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